Little hidden treasures

A very romantic place

san giorgio

We are often attracted to what is most advertised, “famous”, what is more convenient and easy to reach. Sometimes, however, just make a little effort and you can admire architectural masterpieces like this Romanesque Church. A place to which i’m particulary fond of because it was the last church seen together with my great friend dr. Thomas Frangemberg, art critic of international fame, who fell in love with this little gem. 


Perched on a hill of Valpolicella, which tricks the lazy, this church offers the tourist an interesting fusion of architectural styles. Every corner is full of details, and the whole is definitely fascinating.


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A wonderful park

An explosion of colors


A garden with a thousand scenographies, with magical combinations of natural and artificial elements. Where nature is never uncultiveted. The romantic imprint of the garden was given by Ippolito Pindemonte and is characterized by the forest in which the neo-gothic temple, the Castelletto and the Cave are inserted.

Specifically, the Cave was designed to create a place “simple, neglected and rustic” perfect for conversation, reading and music. Thanks then to the intervetion of Carlo Giuseppe Sigurtà, the garden was not only embellished, but grew in size, actually it extends over 60 hectares. In this new contest the Labyrinth was built: a path theat winds through 1500 specimens of yew plants.


The park is also famous because it deepens the research on the flowering of tulips. Recommended month for the visit: April 


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Game of Love

image1 (4)

The labyrinth has always had its own special charm, both as an architectural structure and as a metaphor for a problem from which there is no way out, up to the concept of madness. The place we want to score today is particulary fascinating: it’s the extraordinary and suggestive labyrinth of Villa Pisani.


The labyrinth was built in 1722 by Girolamo Fringimelica, and consists of nine concentric circles with box hedges. His intent was to be considered a labyrint of love, in which to get lost and finally find the desired prize.

image1 (2)

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A Lake to discover

Lake Garda


Lake Garda is known to be the largest lake in Italy, but few know that it boasts other primates: like that of having the shortest river in the world among its tributaries. Or that of having a road that is considered among the most beautiful in the world, used to shoot a scene in one of the 007 movies.


Countless are the corners that can enchant those who want to come here to get married, or just spend a nice holiday, or both. Our locations are the most exclusive that the lake can offer, as well as our accomodations. Our tour finally complete the offer to meet all your needs, whether they are cultural, sporting or simply relaxing


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Wine tasting


Our territory, called Valpolicella, is famous all over the world for the production of wine of the highest quality. Many producers and many cellars, among these our expert Antonella Bampa has chosen the most representative and exclusive.

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A wonderful castle

For your romantic wedding


The castle is in one of the most evocative places of lake Garda.

From its interior gardens you can admire unique views, very romantic, like what you have from the small balcony overlooking the lake. It’s a perfect location for wedding cerimonies.

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The tailor of the stairs

Simone Scapini


With our tours we also want to  make known artisan realities of our territory which are part of Italian excellence in the world.

Professions that seems forgotten and that are instead increasingly used to enchance both internal and external environments. In this case we speak of the profession of blacksmith, and in particular of the artistic smith Simone Scapini, called “The tailor of the stairs” (for the extreme attention to detail)

His art is a fusion of ancient art and modern technique, the result is that of being able to shape the metal in ever more immaginative lines and to the limit of the possible.

Simone Scapini’s creative inspitation does not stop at the stairs but is also realized in other works that become poetry, as in the balcony of this beautiful resort in Borghetto on Mincio.

To see other works of the artist visit his site www.scapinidesign.com , or plan a day in his forge and see other works through the site www.idoitaly.net



Visit his Facebook page: Simone Scapini (il sarto delle scale) or on Instagram: scapinisimone


A colourful world

colored emotions


These are our colours, this is the magic that a sunset on the lake can give!

The pic above was taken in a hilly area overlooking the lake: the show of colours that it offers is always very suggestive.

In the following photo we can admire one of the most particular corners of the lake, famous place also thanks to its lemon groves.

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Wedding style

We make dreams come true


The choice of the wedding style is often linked to the style of the location, but we at Idoitaly want to give the possibility to mix styles and make sure that this moment is absolutely dedicated to the sposuses and their pleasure.

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Kingdom of Gonzaga

Luxury & Wealth


On this tour we’ll visit some of the Gonzaga Family’s palaces, Lords of Mantua. Among these we’ll see the splendid Ducal Palace, magnificently frescoed. Among the most beautiful rooms is the famous “Camera Picta” (Married room), signed by the great painter Mantegna. 

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