The tailor of the stairs

Simone Scapini


With our tours we also want to  make known artisan realities of our territory which are part of Italian excellence in the world.

Professions that seems forgotten and that are instead increasingly used to enchance both internal and external environments. In this case we speak of the profession of blacksmith, and in particular of the artistic smith Simone Scapini, called “The tailor of the stairs” (for the extreme attention to detail)

His art is a fusion of ancient art and modern technique, the result is that of being able to shape the metal in ever more immaginative lines and to the limit of the possible.

Simone Scapini’s creative inspitation does not stop at the stairs but is also realized in other works that become poetry, as in the balcony of this beautiful resort in Borghetto on Mincio.

To see other works of the artist visit his site , or plan a day in his forge and see other works through the site



Visit his Facebook page: Simone Scapini (il sarto delle scale) or on Instagram: scapinisimone


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