A wonderful park

An explosion of colors


A garden with a thousand scenographies, with magical combinations of natural and artificial elements. Where nature is never uncultiveted. The romantic imprint of the garden was given by Ippolito Pindemonte and is characterized by the forest in which the neo-gothic temple, the Castelletto and the Cave are inserted.

Specifically, the Cave was designed to create a place “simple, neglected and rustic” perfect for conversation, reading and music. Thanks then to the intervetion of Carlo Giuseppe Sigurtà, the garden was not only embellished, but grew in size, actually it extends over 60 hectares. In this new contest the Labyrinth was built: a path theat winds through 1500 specimens of yew plants.


The park is also famous because it deepens the research on the flowering of tulips. Recommended month for the visit: April 


The Villa inserted in this wonderful park is available as wedding locations or events. You can find it on oru website: www.idoitaly.net or as a dstination on one of our tours on the site: www.idoitalyleisure.com


Author: Idoitalyleisure

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