Kingdom of Gonzaga

Luxury & Wealth


On this tour we’ll visit some of the Gonzaga Family’s palaces, Lords of Mantua. Among these we’ll see the splendid Ducal Palace, magnificently frescoed. Among the most beautiful rooms is the famous “Camera Picta” (Married room), signed by the great painter Mantegna. 

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Tour Olive Oil & Lemon 2

Lake Garda and Verona interland


To discover the food excellence of territory: this time not only on the shores of our lake, but in the Veronese interland. A fantastic combination of food and artistic culture.

We’ll visit castles and villas of particulary beauty, with targeted tastings to let you know and appreciate the wonderful world of olive oil. We’ll see limonaie in the gardens of luxurious noble villas, to get to the end of the tour in what is considered the most beautiful architectural jewel of the area, set in a lush bay. (You can follow the photographic tour itinerary from our website:

The day will end with a wellness treatment based on olive oil and lemon, or other aromas of your choise.

This proposal is indicative only, aany variation will be accepted by us, to be able to give your ideal day.


The Olive Oil & Lemon Tour 1

olio di oliva con sfondo verde

Our territory is not solely famous for wine but also for other excellent products, such as lemon and olive oil.

The tour would introduce these exquisite products with particular tastings in exclusive oil mills and a visit to the wonderful lemon groves that are located on the banks of the Lake.

During this journey we will discover numerous enchanting places (see the photo sequence from the website: and will end the day with a wellness treatment to which lemon and olive oil (or other products of your choice) will be its protagonists.

As always, our proposal is purely indicative: any variation will be embraced to offer you the best possible experience.


The city of Love



There are beautiful cities in the world, but Verona is at the top.

In this City are the signs of ancient civilizations: what you see in the pic is the ancient Roman Bridge, on one side the city center, on the other side the hill with the splendid Roman Amphitheater. 

Our guides will take you to the most beautiful and romantic places that the city offers, or you can download our guide from the site:


Choose and enjoy

History and Beauty immersed in Nature

A territory rich in history

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Our territory is really very rich, from every point of view.

For this reason we offer tours in the form of photographics sequences. A screenplay of the day that you can experience and the places you can see. You can rely completely on our hands, or choose step by step what you want to see or do.

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