Magic castle

Wine and castle


One of the castles in VALPOLICELLA

The castle dates back to the 10th century, it was also owned by the powerful Montecchi Family  (Romeo), it’s currently owned by the  Sagramoso Perez Pompei Family. The castle has a square plan, with a wall that delimits the hill and it’s characterized by a single opening to the south. Two main buildings: the ‘Hound’ (the residence of the lord) and the ‘quartedeck’, or the dormitory for the militias. The castle is also famous for an alleged ghost: a young woman who seems vague about the rooms of the castle.

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Wedding & Leisure

anello donna

Verona: the city of love…

Verona is considered the city of lovers, so choose it to experience your romantic moment: marry the person you love, get engaged with your he or her. Or renew your promise of love.

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A very romantic place!


A magical and extremely romantic place around us.

We must be objective and admit that even around our territory there are fantastic places; in fact, all of Italy is fantastic.

For this reason , since we are here, let’s take a look at the wonders that surrounds us. like this little island in this little lake. An enchanting place that must absolutely be seen.

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Around us

The best around us


Our proposal doesn’t want to be exclusively linked to our territory (that we remind you to be fantastic): this is why we wanted to broaden our horizons by inserting in the catalog places easily reachable from your hotel, and that are unmissable.

We have prepared packaged tours to give you the best (, but we have also creaated a cataloug from which you can choose the location you like best and that you’ld like to visit. We’ll prepare the day by following your directions (

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The evolution of your holiday

Only the best



with Idoitaly we have created a new vision for your leisure.

Stop to the all inclusive holidays. We permit you to create your own holiday, the best and exclusive.

The project start from Verona area, as is one of the most particular, attractive and romantic place of the world: Verona “The city of Love”. And more the all surrounded area starting from Lake of Garda, with fantastic views, to Valpolicella, with his famous and prestigious wines.

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